Who We Are

Butchery is a craft, a work in progress. Butchery is ultimately about having confidence in every movement, while keeping an open mind and always trying new things. We are constantly learning at Farmers’ Gate…from trials with each new carcass that gets hung on our rail…from books written by our predecessors and contemporaries…and from our customers, who are always pushing us to try new cuts and preparations that they read about in magazines or see on cooking shows. The common thread among Farmers’ Gate butchers is the hunger. Like our customers, we too are hungry for good homegrown food – meat raised locally on pasture by farm families who are thinking about the future.


Ben Slayton and Erin Cinelli, Owners


Ben and Erin got it all started during their year living abroad in Tuscany. There on an organic farm specializing in pastured pork (and ultimately the salumi products that result), they developed a passion for well-raised meat and craft butchery. After a couple of years raising their own animals here in Maine, Ben and Erin switched their focus to building a network of several small farms to support Farmers’ Gate in an effort to bring more locally raised meat to the Maine marketplace. With two young children who have increasingly voracious appetites, they are proud to put good food on the dinner table every night.


Ryan Goodrich, Head Butcher


Ryan is the head butcher at Farmers’Gate Market,and has been working on the art and craft ofmeat cutting forseveral years. One of his favoriteperks of the job is taking home various cuts of meat and figuringout the most delicious ways to prepare, cook, and then quickly devour them with his wife Mary and daughter Lucy. One of Ryan’s dreams is to one day teach Lucy how to catch and ride waves on a surfboard, and to then take some faraway trips with his family to swim and surf where no wetsuits are necessary!