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Who We Are

Butchery is a craft, a work in progress.

Butchery is ultimately about having confidence in every movement, while keeping an open mind and always trying new things.

We are constantly learning at Farmers’ Gate… from trials with each new carcass that gets hung on our rail… from books written by our predecessors and contemporaries… and from our customers, who are always pushing us to try new cuts and preparations that they read about in magazines or see on cooking shows.

The common thread among Farmers’ Gate butchers is the hunger. Like our customers, we too are hungry for good homegrown food – meat raised locally on pasture by farm families who are thinking about the future.

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New Farmer Owners: 


Steve & Seren Sinisi of Old Crow Ranch and Aaron & Becky Buckley of Buckley Farm

have been planning with Ben Slayton since 2019. Big changes are afoot in 2022. The Farmers' Gate building in Wales has sold to the Amish community but the Farmers' Gate Market is being preserved! 

We are building a brand new butcher shop and retail market on Buckley Farm in Leeds and expanding the Old Crow Ranch Farm Store (#OCRFarmStore ) in Durham.

Our intention is to never skip a beat of bringing wonderful Maine meats to our customers. We'll be transferring to the newly built Leeds market in early 2023.

Matt Lewis, Head Butcher


Matt has been working for Farmers' Gate since 2016. He has worked his way up to Head Butcher & Shop Manager, after starting as a dishwasher at age 16. A local kid with deep roots in the area, Matt has dedicated himself to learning the craft of butchery & has developed his general management skills along the way. He will be a critical player in the transition to the new Farmers' Gate Market location.


Amazing Staff

These are the faces of the amazing Farmers' Gate Market staff that keep this place running smoothly!


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