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Whole Animal Butchery

Farmers’ Gate works directly with a carefully selected network of local farmers to ensure our supply of pasture raised meats and grass fed beef. We coordinate the transfer of the live animal that we see on the farm to the slaughter house – where the animals are slaughtered with skill and knowledge under state inspection – and finally to our back door at The Shop. The animals arrive in full carcass form. What this means from a product perspective is that we can provide any cut that you want. If it resides on the carcass, we can make it happen.


But this method of sourcing and butchery means so much more. It ensures that we keep close relationships with our farm and slaughterhouse partners. It also means that our staff at Farmers’ Gate know the story behind the meat that we process – we can tell you who the farmers are and how they raise their animals. Finally, this process ensures that the traditional art of whole animal butchery continues to live on.


At a time when so many animals are slaughtered and processed in large centralized plants, stripped of their identity, broken up into pieces, boxed in volume, and then distributed to meat counters throughout the country, isn’t it nice to know that you can go to your local butcher and ask for any cut you want? A place where you can also get real answers to simple questions like “where does this meat come from?”

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