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Our 100% grass fed, Maine born and raised cattle are the tastiest most local beef you can find. Our farmers are dedicated to raising and feeding beef the way nature intended, on pasture. Our farmers: Buckley Farm, Leeds; Old Crow Ranch, Durham; Moosehead Ranch, Smyrna.



  • $6.90/lb on hanging weight (HW) for Hind 1/4 of beef order pays for your beef and the processing: cut, grind, cryo, freeze.
  • hanging weight on Hind 1/4 average 150-200 lbs 
  • Approximate total: $1207.50 ($6.90/lb * 175lb HW) based on actual HW of your 1/4
  • You will receive approximately 70% of the total hanging weight that you pay for
  • The $100 deposit you are making now, will be deducted from your final total



  • You choose the cuts.
  • In a hindquarter you get: short loin, sirloin, rump, round, and flank
  • After we get your order, our butcher will email you a standard beef cut sheet. Make any edits you see fit and email it back to us.
  • By selecting "Butcher's choice" you give our skilled butchers permission to make the best choices for your meat depending on what they see as they're cutting.
  • Your meat will be cryowrapped, frozen and clearly labeled. 
  • Ground beef is packaged in 1 pound packages. 

Hindquarter Beef - Deposit

  • After placing your order, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email.

    You will recieve a second email from confirming your cut sheet and the timing of your order. 

    You'll be contacted by the butcher shop when your order is ready for pick up. Detailed pick-up information will be included in that coorespondence.

    Please add to your contact list.

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