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Pasture raised Maine broilers, fed a non-GMO grain mix. Our farm partners: Grace Pond Farm, Thomaston; Dorolenna Farm, Montville; Tide Mill Farm, Edmundts 



  • $6.75/lb, whole chicken cryovacced with neck, heart and liver inside the bird
  • Total cost estimate: $33.75 ($6.75/lb * 5lb HW)
  • The $5 deposit/bird you are making now, will be deducted from your final total
  • We usually have whole chickens available in store. This option is intended for customers wishing to fill their freezers. 5 chicken minimum order.
  • $5/bird if you'd like us to cut them up for you.



  • You may choose to have none/some/all of your chickens parted out for an additional $5/bird.
  • If you choose to have us cut them up for you, we'll be in touch to confirm how you'd like them butchered.
  • Your chicken will be cryowrapped, frozen and clearly labeled. 

Chicken - Deposit

  • After placing your order, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email.

    You will receive a second email from confirming your cut sheet and the timing of your order. 

    Please indicate where you’d prefer to pick up as you place your order. You'll be contacted by the butcher shop when your order is ready for pick up. Detailed pick-up information will be included in that final correspondence.

    Please add to your contact list.

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