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Who We Are


My name is Matt Lewis, and I am the head butcher here at Farmers’ Gate Market. My real spark in butchery came at a young age helping my dad process deer in the fall.

I started here in the summer of 2016, between my Junior and Senior year of high school as the dishwasher, knowing that someday I could be the guy at the table cutting all of your special requests, and keeping our case full of good looking and great tasting meats, cut the right way.

A good butcher must rise to the challenge of understanding the needs of the customer. So much work goes into raising that animal the right way, it's important for the butcher to pass along a piece of meat to the customer that is going to inspire greatness in the kitchen and nourish all who sit down to enjoy the feast.


I come from a farming family; I love that Farmers’ Gate is so committed to supporting Maine farms. The food we produce at Farmers’ Gate brings many smiles to our customers. Happy customers make all the hard work worth it. It’s hard to say what my favorite food is. I really just enjoy playing with different cuts and seeing what I can make taste the best on my smoker. And then come back to work and tell everyone all about it.


When I'm not working, I like to spend time in the woods hunting and fishing with my dogs. I also enjoy snowmobiling and four wheeling up to camp. Someday I hope to have children and teach them all of these pastimes, so that they too can enjoy a nice venison steak and a snowmobile ride.


Ryan Goodrich, Butcher Emeritus


Ryan was a butcher at Farmers’ Gate Market from 2010 until 2021. He will always be remembered as the "old guy". 

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