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Butcher Packs

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Save money! Buy your Farmers' Gate meat in bulk with these specially-priced Butcher Packs.

Sausage options include: Sweet, Hot, Tuscan, Angry Tuscan, Breakfast, Carolina, Viking, Garlic & Cheese, Bulk Chorizo, Bulk Breakfast, Bulk Sweet, Bulk Hot. Inquire about seasonal sausages.


Prices updated January 2023

10lb Burger Train                $85

As a whole animal butcher shop, our daily grind is a blend of all the meat close to the bone, which is always the sweetest. 10 packs of 1lb ground beef.

20lb Beef Butcher Pack       $200

8lbs - Steaks

4lbs - Roasts/Stew 

8lbs - Ground Beef (1lb packages)

20lb Pork Butcher Pack       $200

5lbs - Chops/Cutlets

5lbs - Sausage (your choice)

5lbs - Roasts/Ribs

5lbs - Smoked Products

30lb Sunset Pack   $285

5lbs - Ground Beef (1lb packages)

5lbs - Juicy Steaks

5lbs - Beef Kabob (~1lb packages)

5lbs - Pork Chops/Sirloin Cutlets

5lbs - Sausage

5lbs - Pork Ribs

Grill On, Friends!

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