We're Open for Business!

Thanks for your interest in local sustainably raised meat. We are open for business,  now offering in-store hours and continuing to offer Curbside Pick Up. 


In-Store and Curbside Hours: 

Tuesday - 9am to 4pm

Wednesday thru Friday - 9am to 6pm

    Saturday - 9am to 4pm

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The Way Meat Should Be

Farmers’ Gate Market bridges the gap between local, pasture-based livestock farms and the growing number of families in Maine who are looking for good locally-raised meat. We work with a network of Maine farms to provide our customers with grass fed beef, pastured pork and lamb, and free range poultry.


We take great pride in serving Maine families with the best local meat available. Working with exceptional Maine farmers who meet our criteria is one way we ensure top quality products. The other way is by doing all the meat processing in-house. Our butchers are trained to cut meat hanging from the rail. As a result, we can ensure safe handling of all our products and we retain complete knowledge about everything we sell – from farm to table.


But our role in the local agricultural system is bigger than just selling meat. We look for creative ways to build awareness about local, sustainably raised and craft-butchered meat. That means sharing the stories of our farm partners who work their tails off to make good meat happen. That means preserving the knowledge, skills, and culture of whole carcass butchery. And that means incorporating old world traditions with new technology and creativity to provide great cuts of meat and exciting value added products to our customers.

Fill Your Soul As

Much As Your Belly

Our Standard

We are honored to partner with a growing list of Maine farms who help us supply our customers with year round pasture-raised meats. In addition to being committed to continuous improvement, our farm partners must meet our four basic criteria:


  • Pasture-based farm system

  • Respectful treatment of animals

  • Sustainable use of resources in their farm practices

  • Good and honest people


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Our Farm Partners

It all starts with exceptional Maine farm families who are committed to raising livestock on pasture, being good stewards of the natural resources required in farming, and caring for their animals in a humane and respectful manner. Meat raised this way will always taste better. Maine is home to several pasture-based livestock farms. And the demand for locally-raised meats is increasing. We are the gateway between the two communities.